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SQS3 Scalable Quality Solution 3 - Product Training

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Watch this series of videos now as Product Marketing Specialist Jason Dubendorfer discusses Atlas Copco’s error-proofing software, Scalable Quality Solution. In this Product Essential series, Jason will cover connecting SQS to scanners, pushing updates, and adding operators, tools/tool controllers, and more.

SQS | How to add a Manual Acknowledgement

Welcome to the Atlas Copco SQS Product Essential series. This series is led by Product Marketing Specialist Jason Dubendorfer. In this video, Jason demonstrates how to add a manual acknowledgment button into your system. Atlas Copco’s SQS solution eliminates errors in product manufacturing or assembly. For work steps that do need a tool, such as pick light or other peripherals, users are able to add a manual button. This way, the operator can indicate the step was complete.

For work steps that are especially important, adding a manual acknowledgment button allows operators to indicate whether or not the step was completed. Tune in to find out more.

SQS | How to add a progress bar

In this video, Jason explains the steps of adding a progress bar to your SQS system. Watch as Jason explains why visual indicators such as progress bars are key to alerting operators to time remaining, and he’ll cover the steps to adding one into your system.

SQS | How to add an operator

Watch as Jason covers the steps involved with adding an operator to the SQS system. Adding an operator answers who did what, when, and how, so that actions can be traced back to specific operators. The SQS system allows users to add as many operators and levels as required.

SQS | How to add a scanner

In this video, Jason demonstrates how to add a scanner to your SQS system. Scanning is the most common way to get a unique identifier into the SQS software. Additionally, scanning gives the user a way to enter serial numbers of parts added to product builds. 

Watch now as Jason explains the scanning process.

SQS | How to add an image

Why add an image? Adding images helps to guide the operator through the build process. Tune in as Jason demonstrates the process of adding an image, which helps guide operators through the build process. SQS can handle multiple images per work step if required. 

SQS | How to add a tool controller and tool

In this video, Jason covers the process of adding tool controllers and tools into the SQS system. SQS can communicate to most any tool controllers via Open Protocol.

SQS | How to add a bolt case

In this video, Jason reviews the steps of adding a bolt case to an image in the SQS system. By adding bolt groups to your operator guidance, the operator can follow the proper order in which the bolts are to be tightened. Additionally, when adding bolts, the user can also assign the proper tool and tightening program to each bolt. Doing this ensures the highest-quality product.

SQS | How to add text

With descriptive text to guide operators through the build process, human error and costly mistakes are avoided. Learn more by tuning in today.

SQS | How to push an update

In this video, Jason reviews the process of pushing an update in the SQS system. Here, Jason explains that creating updates is essential in getting the proper build information from the configurator to the operator's guidance, and they won’t interfere with production. Watch as Jason demonstrates how to push an update now.


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