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Improved productivity

Smart Connected Assembly - 6 pillars of value

The hidden costs are harder to predict. Atlas Copco has the solution for you so learn how Smart Connected Assembly can help you


Improved Productivity

Managing production and assembly lines is synonymous with focusing on productivity. Productivity has been and continue to be a driver for all development within production and assembly. The fourth industrial revolution is already here, standing on the doorstep, and productivity is once again an essential driver for this change. And it does offer a new perspective in working with it.


Implementing more efficient tools and fine-tuning working processes are part of the continuous work for improving productivity. In the assembly lines, there is an ongoing re-planning to reduce cost and increase output. What else can be done? How can the productivity be improved further?
Reaching the next level needs rethinking and new perspectives. It is a demanding challenge and should support a step-by-step approach.


Data builds the foundation for tomorrow’s smart assembly lines and is a key component in planning and re-planning. By using real data, a substantial improvement in quality and productivity has been observed. At a leading Off-road Industry manufacturer, the number of NOK tightenings where reduced by 73%, pushing the level of first-time-through products to 98%. This was achieved by a systematic approach to identify and address the top three problem areas on a regular basis. This new way of working with data unveil true productivity and can be implemented step-by-step to maintain control.

Improved Productivity using Smart Connected Assembly

Productivity is about reducing reworks, minimizing defects and maximizing output. The issue of productivity cannot be limited to the analysis of isolated areas. Many perspectives must be considered. The secret is to work with an end-to-end approach, where you can optimize the complete productivity equation.
Using real data from all components of the production makes this possible. Data covering output, quality, time and cost from the assembly lines can be compared with workstations and tools usage. Planning and re-planning is then based on real facts and enables true improved productivity.

The key for achieving improved productivity is the new generation ToolsNet 8 for data collection and analytics. It is used for production process optimization. Combined with tool controllers like PowerFocus, it provides total control of the assembly process. Giving you a platform for quality and productivity improvements.

The role of the operators is essential in achieving the next level of productivity. With the Operator Guidance solution, the operator gets direct instructions including pictures and text on a screen which reduces mistakes. By providing constant guidance, the operator can work efficiently without wasting time. It minimizes the need for training of employees, thus creating scalability and flexibility in the process.
Implementing Smart Connected Assembly will improve your productivity with an end-to-end perspective in a step-by-step approach.

The Bottom Line
Smart Connected Assembly is part of an evolution towards a vision. ToolsNet is a step towards a complete digitalization of the assembly line and Industry 4.0. It is building your readiness for the next step of productivity.

Smart Connected Assembly supports Industry 4.0 becoming reality. A reality where technology is easy to use and quickly delivers value.

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