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Reduction in energy

Smart Connected Assembly - 6 pillars of value

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Reduction in Energy Consumption

Reduction in Energy Consumption Reducing environmental impact and saving costs is vital for all sustainable businesses. Regulatory requirement, consumer awareness and making profitable businesses are all factors that makes us focus on the use of energy in operational processes Challenges Substantial reduction of energy consumption is only achievable through numerous initiatives.

These initiatives are essential in all areas, in every step of the process and in all parts of the business. In the assembly line, a contribution can be made without compromising on productivity, quality or uptime. In fact, reduction in energy consumption can give your business advantages Opportunities Smart Connected Assembly is reducing waste in all aspects; in operations, production and time. Waste consumes energy, and this can be conserved by focusing on waste reduction.

When using electric tools a majority of the energy is consumed during standby mode. By using one controller connected to six tools simultaneously, instead of one controller to each tool, this consumption can be dramatically reduced and save over 80% of the energy cost in standby. Moving from pneumatic to electric tools of course has an even higher potential

Smart Connected Assembly

The secret for achieving sustainable energy reduction is in minimizing the energy consumed by the complete assembly lines. The end-to-end approach identifies energy waste found in assembly, rework, standby and quality errors. Hence, optimizing the process is the best solution for minimizing energy consumption. Atlas Copco Power Focus 6000 can be connected to up to 6 tools saving energy cost in standby.

Requiring less cable management and less hardware components this also save environmental resources. At the same time Power Focus 6000 increases flexibility making the optimization process more efficient. Smart Connected Assembly optimizes the assembly process, minimize waste and reduce energy usage in production. The Bottom Line Smart Connected Assembly provide you with a significant step for reducing the energy consumption. It brings you closer to the unimaginable opportunities that digitalization offers.

Smart Connected Assembly delivers an infrastructure which enables the intelligent systems to send information seamlessly, which can be used for analytics for the future. Data analytics makes an effective tool for creating an efficient assembly line. All this will decrease the energy consumption of the organization Welcome to Smart Connected Assembly! Smart Connected Assembly supports Industry 4.0 becoming reality. A reality where technology is easy to use and quickly delivers value.

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