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Tensor STB cordless nutrunner

Experience the freedom of battery tools with unique fastening performance and advanced process control

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Full error proofing

Gain full traceability with the help of the integrated barcode scanner. You will have a process which improves productivity and saves costs by avoiding additional hand held scan devices.

Focus on ergonomics

Decrease operator fatigue and invest in a good ergonomic experience. The STBx4 is designed with a well balanced tool on the grip and the best performance ratio weight, speed and torque.

Complete connectivity

Enjoy the improved coverage with 2,4 and 5,0 Ghz gained by a new external antenna. The Power Focus 6000 offers two ways of staying connected: infrastructure or pairing mode.

Maximized uptime

An embedded buffer battery maintains communication while the main battery is being replaced. This simply makes your tool ready, at all times.

Full system interaction

With eHMI you have more than just results - gaining full process overview and insights on for instance events, programs and Batch Sequence. And the possibility to select a repair program – system interaction anytime, anywhere.

Robust and accurate

When it comes to safety critical wireless tools, our experience keeps us in the position as market leaders. With more than 10 years in the market – this robust tool has a well proven history in assembly lines around the world.

Virtual station

Stay connected while experiencing the advantage of cordless freedom. With flexible re-balancing and quick adaptations you have a productive solution. Virtual stations make product introductions quick and easy.

Multitool concept

Connect several tools to one controller – and save money on installation and maintenance. Experience the benefits of a complete, smart connected solution – working for your specific needs.

Full System Integration

Work with a platform that is easily integrated to any upper system through customer protocols, as well as open protocols. The Power Focus 6000 offers full integration –all in one, total intelligence.

Total solutions provider

Connect your smart and wireless tools, devices and accessories through one smart controller. The Power Focus 6000 offers a total solution to your assembly needs, making Smart Factory a reality.

About the cordless Tensor STB

A fast, light, transducerized cordless tool, the Tensor STB pistol grip nutrunner is ideal for safety critical applications in cramped and large assembly areas where it offers improved accessibility and mobility. No other battery powered tool can match Tensor STB’s unique fastening performance and advanced process control. Atlas Copco Industrial Radio Communication (IRC) enables the Tensor STB to be partnered with a Power Focus controller for accurate torque monitoring and full joint traceability. At a typical workstation, one Tensor STB tool can be used for several applications within the same torque range.

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