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Mechatronic Wrenches and Power Focus 6000 Integration – MWR Kit

Greater flexibility and smaller footprint


Now easily manage up to six wrenches at a time from a single controller with the MWR-Kit. With the integration of the Atlas Copco Mechatronic Wrenches with the Power Focus 6000, it is possible to connect six Atlas Copco tools – both manual and electrical – through six virtual stations from the same controller. This integration provides flexibility in rebalancing assembly lines. With this, you can experience simpler installation, easier product production integration and configuration, less floor space utilization and smaller environmental footprint.


  • Communication between MWR Wrenches and Power Focus 6000
  • 1 MWR-Kit can manage up to 6 wrenches
  • 1 Virtual Station per Wrench
  • No software needed
  • Quick set up: Configuration through web browser
  • Ethernet connection
  • Web GUI allows MWR tools to be replaced within seconds
  • Quick Link/Unlink Tools


  • High process reliability
  • Same controller for any Atlas Copco tool
  • Higher quality data Live-Monitor
  • System settings and Results Status check even when production line is running
  • High uptime

Download the Mechatronic Wrench leaflet here

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