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Oil-free blowers for low pressure applications

Our comprehensive range of oil-free air blowers is specifically engineered for applications that require compressed air with a pressure between 0.3 and 1.5 bar(g). Enormous energy gains can be made by choosing the right type and size of the air blower for your applications. That is why we offer you a range of low pressure technologies, each of them engineered to match the exact pressure and flow requirements of your application, helping you to create a more sustainable production process.

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Complete air blower packages for easy installation

Our plug and play solutions simplify the installation of your units. No need to purchase any separate components to make sure your unit is ready for operation.

Maximizing energy savings with a VSD blower

Our Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology makes sure that your units are not using more energy than needed, effectively decreasing your energy consumption and reducing your environmental impact.

Simplifying supervision and maintenance

To further enhance the efficiency of your process and ease of use of your blower installation, we offer you different ways to monitor and control your units.

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Why oil-free blower technologies?

Blowers can be used for a variety of processes. Typical low pressure applications include aeration, fermentation, pneumatic conveying, and heating or cooling of materials. These applications can be found within different segments such as cement, food & beverage, and wastewater treatment

A correctly sized installation will help you achieve a more energy-efficient process. Every application that requires low pressure compressed air between 0.3 and 1.5 bar(g) / 4 psig and 22 psig can be made more energy-efficient by replacing an air compressor with an air blower. Every 1 bar(g) / 14 psig the air is compressed above the actual demand, 7% of energy is wasted.

We offer you different technologies such as positive displacement technologies (screw blowers and lobe blowers) and centrifugal technologies (high-speed turbo blowers and multistage blowers). All our oil-free air blower technologies are designed to offer you quality air and maximum uptime of your process, safeguarding the quality of your end product.

The right blower for your production process

Aside from finding a blower technology that matches the airflow and pressure needs of your production process, other factors such as initial investment cost or return on investment might also affect your search for the right air blower technology for your site. By offering you a complete and wide range of technologies, we can always help you choose the best blower solution for your site. 

Up to 80% of a blower’s lifecycle cost is consumed by its energy usage. When you are mainly considering the total cost of ownership of your blower installation, you need to look for an energy-efficient solution. Our energy-efficient solutions such as our ZS rotary screw blowers and our ZB VSD⁺ turbo blowers ensure you low operational costs. Both our oil-free screw blowers and turbo blowers are Class 0 certified. You can optimize your compressed air installation further with our central controllers.

If you’re focusing on the initial investment cost of your blower installation, our simple and robust solutions such as our ZL lobe blowers and ZM multistage blowers are the perfect fit for your business. These two technologies are also extremely suited for operation under harsh weather conditions or at high altitudes. 

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