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Smart Connected Assembly - Powered by data

Atlas Copco is now taking its vision of smart factory to a higher level. Called “Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data”, it addresses the challenges faced by manufacturing companies of how best to use the data collected in their production. The concept shows how to generate value by utilizing data created by Atlas Copco smart tools and solutions at each phase of a customer's process – from design, to prototype, and to assembly.

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The main industry challenges are:

Stärkerer Produktmix

Der Bedarf an der individuellen Anpassung von Verbraucherendprodukten wird zunehmen. Allen Industrie-4.0-Visionen gemein ist das Ziel, unabhängig von der Anzahl der hergestellten Einheiten die gleichen Produktionskosten zu erreichen. Dies erfordert ein neues Maß an Flexibilität in der Produktion.

Komplexität des Systems

Produktionssysteme werden zunehmend komplexer, und immer mehr produktionskritische Abläufe sind von vernetzten Systemen abhängig. Die effektive Verwaltung von Konfiguration, Software-Versionierung und Zugriffskontrolle ist entscheidend, um die Qualitätskontrolle und den Produktionsbetrieb aufrechtzuerhalten.

Menschliche Faktoren

Menschliche Faktoren werden zukünftig eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Anlagenbediener müssen die neuen zur Verfügung stehenden Technologien nutzen, um ihr Potenzial auszuschöpfen. Dazu müssen Systeme benutzerfreundlich sein, und die bei der Montage erzeugten großen Datenmengen müssen anhand der wichtigsten Informationen für den Bediener verarbeitet werden


Der Schwerpunkt auf Nachhaltigkeit wird mit Fabriken, die von Wind und Solarenergie betrieben werden, auf eine neue Ebene gehoben. Das Umweltbewusstsein steigt, und Regulierungen werden weltweit durchgesetzt

And what does “Smart Connected Assembly - Powered by data” mean?

Imagine, technology that collects and analyzes tightening data throughout the life cycle of your product program, and can thus predict tool failures, recommend an optimal maintenance plan, and reduce your production costs. Technology that provides valuable insights from previous production programs in the data it generates.

Smart Connected Assembly Powered by data

der Schraube (ZE/ZA) ein.

Design: analysis in real time of the behavior of similar components used in todays manufactured product.
Prototype: technology that learns the behavior of the joint, detecting its possible relaxation, setting up the process. Technology that stores the information in a common database for use in later phases of the process.

Body assembly

Technology that imports the data analyzed in the design and prototype phases. That analyzes quality issues, identifies savings in different areas and signals when to perform maintenance.


Technology that enables centralized production management and can implement standardized processes anywhere in the world. Technology that gives alerts on quality risks, reducing warranty costs and risk of recall.

Life cycle phase

A technology able to understand the tool usage thanks its capability to collect and analyze the tightening results and to compare with the tool specification by having a 360 analysis. In order to predict tool failures in advance and suggest the best maintenance plan, minimizing unexpected tool failure and saving production costs.

This technology is here! Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data is the next level of our smart factory concept. The data continuously created by Atlas Copco smart tools and solutions can be used to maximize uptime and quality in your operation and cut your production costs.
That’s smart!

Our six pillars of value:

Smart Connected Assembly supports Industry 4.0 becoming reality. A reality where technology is easy to use and quickly delivers value.
Listen to our experts explaining how the 6 pillars of values we strive for and how it would benefit your business.

Verlängern Sie die Betriebszeit

Increase tool uptime from 98% to 99,5% with a more data-driven approach for predictive maintenance. Using analytics to get useful insights about the condition of the equipment to determine the maintenance tasks. As a result, the repair can be scheduled at a time that minimizes the impact on production.
Presented by Rikard Nordén, Business Manager at Atlas Copco

The 1st pillar


Reduction of defects by 15% - Part verification with pick-to-light solution.
Presented by Hendrik Fischer, Product Manager at Atlas Copco.

The 2nd pillar


Einführung neuer Produkte

New product introduction cost down by 57% - From 3500 EUR to 1500 EUR using Virtual Stations. Now a simple software configuration change is all it takes.
Presented by Robert Karlsson - Senior Product Manager, Atlas Copco

The 3rd pillar


Verbesserte Produktivität

Improved productivity by 73% - First time through increase from 92,5% to 98% in one year with a structured data analysis process. This is achieved by fewer reworks, higher end-product quality and maximum uptime on the assembly line. Smart process monitoring and analysis software like Atlas Copco ToolsNet enhance the capacity to monitor, analyze and improve the assembly process.
Presented by Steven Meazey, VP Marketing at Atlas Copco

The 4rd pillar


Reduzierung des Energieverbrauchs

Reduction in energy use by 80%.
Multiple wireless tools running on one virtual assembly process controller leads to a significant reduction use of energy use, which can be up to 80%. More than a cost reduction, it is also to meet environmental policies.
Presented by Robert Stribeck, Global Product Manager at Atlas Copco

The 6th pillar


Industry 4.0 is evolving in a fast pace. Companies who are adopting the technologies realize Industry 4.0's potential. Explore the different industry 4.0 challenges for your segment, and how to act to be ahead of them!