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Solutions for Food and Beverage Production

Explore our compressed air, vacuum and nitrogen solutions.

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Innovation for Food Production

Compressed air, vacuum and nitrogen play a critical part in the food and beverage production industry. They are critical in food and beverage production and can help enhance the product quality, extend the shelf life and also ensures food safety compliance. We have the right equipment for your application, which can help your productivity and competitiveness.

Quality air in food production

In food manufacturing, a constant supply of compressed air is critical to achieve effective and efficient production. However, the quality of the compressed air is of equal importance. It needs to have the correct dew point and the air quality needs to be right. Atlas Copco is one of the companies that pioneered oil-free air compressor technology. We are the market leader when it comes to oil-free air compressor technology today and our compressors ensure that your compressed air in your food production is below -40°c and free from any oils that can compromise the quality of your end product. Our compressor and filter purification solutions will ensure you are compliant with the industry standards and you are able to meet your customers’ expectations.

Vacuum in food production

Vacuum also plays a critical part in the food production process and a reliable source of vacuum is critical for achieving operational success. One process where vacuum plays a key role in food production is the removal of waste products in an effective and efficient way. In food production a centralised vacuum system can ensure a constant supply and help reduce maintenance costs. Our GHSVSD+ Variable Speed Drive (VSD) vacuum pumps can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50% and help you better cope with fluctuating demands on your business.

Nitrogen for wine bottling

As with compressed air and vacuum, nitrogen plays a key role in food and beverage production. In particular when it comes to packaging and to ensuring a longer shelf life of your product, nitrogen is used to protect the food product from oxidation. We can offer cost effective on-site nitrogen generation. The benefit from onsite nitrogen generation is it guarantees a continuous supply of nitrogen, eliminates the risk of production stop from running out and it also offers the lowest cost per m3.