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Industry and Applications Focus

Here you can explore the world of Atlas Copco air compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, nitrogen generators and compressor service. The articles and stories here takes you beyond the product specifications and lets you explore some industry related benefits of our products. Explore and expand your learning about compressed air, vacuum pumps, industrial gas generators and service.

We are constantly trying to provide industry and customers with relevant information about our products and how they can be used. When wanting to know more about how compressed air and vacuum pumps gas is used in different industries and applications, firsthand experiences and stories can be useful.

How our products are used and the benefits they bring

The application and product stories that you find here can help you learn more on how air compressors, vacuum pumps or our other products are used by our customers. You can also learn how it can service your particular industry, regardless if you are interested in dental industry, wastewater treatment, mining or wine production to name a few. Our products play a key role in all these industries and we can bring great operational benefits to the end user.

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