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We offer innovative air compressor technologies which focus on delivering exactly the right solution for virtually every application, including yours. Our products are driven by innovation and sustainability to deliver the highest possible energy efficiency while being durable and reliable.

All types of air compressor technologies

With over 60 years of experience delivering compressed air solutions to the Australian market, we are well equipped to deliver you a perfectly suited air compressor for your operation. We offer both oil injected and oil-free technologies for all types of applications. Our compressed air technologies include piston, scroll, tooth, screw and turbo technologies. The breath of our range means that regardless of the size of your business, your application or your long-term view of the investment we have a solution that will fit your requirements. Our focus is always on bring our customers the right compressed air solution for their application as well as delivering the best possible total cost of ownership.

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Here you can explore our complete range of air compressor products including advanced oil-free compressor technologies, our energy efficient GAVSD+ range or small piston compressor for dentist practices or workshops. To learn more call us today on 1800 023 469.


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