3 kW Screw Compressor

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3 kW Screw Compressor

The G3 is our 3 kW compressor delivering 11.2 cfm, and as with all our G series screw compressors it has a 100% duty cycle and is quiet, only 61 dB.

This tank mounted 3 kW screw air compressor is available as a basic Pack model as well as Full Featured. Atlas Copco’s 2-22 kW machines has 2-3% higher efficiency V-belt compared to other belt-driven systems. This 3kW compressor has our famous plug-n-play design for easy installation.

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  • G 2-75 kW 4.6 MB, PDF

3 kW Screw Compressor - technical Specification

COMPRESSOR TYPE Pressure variant Max. working pressure Capacity FAD* Installed motor power Noise level Weight
Pack Floor Pack Tank FF Tank
  bar(e) psi l/s m3/min cfm kW hp dB(A) kg lbs kg lbs kg lbs
G3 10 10 145 5.3 0.32 11.2 3 4 61 NA NA 172 379 193 425

G Australia