5.5 kW Screw Air Compressor

Screw compressor 5.5 kW / 7.5hp – 21.2 cfm

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5.5 kW Screw Air Compressor – 21.2 cfm

The G5 is our 5.5 kW screw compressor delivering 21.2 cfm, and perfect for when you need a robust and reliable source of compressed air.

2 kW to 18 kW Screw air Compressor

2 kW to 18 kW Screw air Compressor

The G Series of screw compressors are built to last and aims to set the standard for reliability and performance in the compressed air industry. The G5 5.5 kW screw air compressor is the perfect example of this aim. With a power of 5.5 kW or 7.5hp this screw compressor is both powerful (21.2cfm) and quiet, only 64 dB (no louder than a normal conversation).

Tank mounted 5.5 kW compressor

The G5 is tank mounted and is available in basic Pack option as well as full feature. Loaded with features and options such as monitoring and integrated air quality options, the 5.5 kW screw unit will impress you with its performance and energy efficient drive.

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  • G 2-75 kW 4.6 MB, PDF

5.5 kW Screw Air Compressor - Technical Specifications

COMPRESSOR TYPE Pressure variant Max. working pressure Capacity FAD* Installed motor power Noise level Weight
Pack Floor Pack Tank FF Tank
  bar(e) psi l/s m3/min cfm kW hp dB(A) kg lbs kg lbs kg lbs
G5 10 10 145 10 0.6 21.2 5.5 7.5 64 NA NA 178 392 198 437

G Australia