11 kW Screw Air Compressor

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11 kW Screw Air Compressor – up to 61.6 cfm

The G11 is the most popular of all our G Series compressors. This is our workhorse 11 kW / 15hp screw compressor that deliver the compressed air you need.

2 kW to 18 kW Screw air Compressor

2 kW to 18 kW Screw air Compressor

Available as both as floor and tank mounted option, this 11 kW screw compressor is available in four different pressure variants, 7.5bar, 8.5bar, 10bar and 13bar. Featuring the most used compression element on the market and advance control options and upgrade availability to remote monitoring, this 11 kW screw air compressor will give you peace of mind.

Quiet and efficient

The G11 is the quiet achiever of your operations (at 66 dB) and the higher efficiency V-belt drive deliver 2-3% energy savings compared to other belt systems, savings that will add up over the life of the machine. The G11 has a 100% duty cycle and this means that you can get compressed air from this 11 kW compressor whenever you need it.

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11 kW Screw Air Compressor

* Unit performance measured according to ISO 1217, Annex C, latest edition.

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