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Blowers for water treatment

Complete solutions for water treatment plants, including blowers, vacuum and compressed air.

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Solutions for water treatment

We offer a range of blowers that are perfectly suited for water treatment applications. Our range of energy efficient screw and turbo blowers can offer the perfect solution for any wastewater and water treatment plant.

blower for water treatment

Blower from Atlas Copco

We are a world leading supplier of compressed air, vacuum pump and industrial gas equipment and we a have range of solutions for the wastewater and water treatment industry including cutting edge development in screw and turbo blowers. We also offer air compressor technologies for control air and the like as well as vacuum pumps that can help you in your processes and reduce a water treatment plants energy consumption.

Cutting edge blower technologies

Our ZS scroll blowers has a turndown of as much as 80% and can help you manage the peaks and troths of the water recycling, managing the peak times as well as slower times of the day such as overnight. The ZS comes with integrated or customer supplied VSD and can reduce the energy consumption by up to 35% compared to conventional lobe blowers. The ZB range helps to reduce costs: the centrifugal gearless and frictionless direct drive provides the highest air volume at the lowest energy consumption. The integrated Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology automatically tunes blower output to the precise air demand, enabling energy savings of up to 30% compared to traditional blowers.

On-site service Australia wide

Unlike many other suppliers Atlas Copco can offer on-site service of blower, air compressors and vacuum pump equipment. We have Australia wide network with technicians performing maintenance in all parts of Australia. To learn more about our product or to learn more about our service options call 1800 023 469. We also offer the ability to book your next service online.