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Genuine air compressor oils and lubricants specially formulated to reduce any risks to your air compressor

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Reduce the risk of breakdown with our genuine air compressor oils

We here at Atlas Copco understand that each type of air compressor requires a specific oil. This is to ensure that you are receiving maximum uptime, performance and lifetime. Our range of genuine air compressor oils are guaranteed to cover all your needs. We want to ensure that you receive the absolute best out of your air compressor and our genuine oils will help you receive this.

For Atlas Copco machines, Atlas Copco lubricants are the only real choice.

Genuine Atlas Copco Air Compressor Oils

Buying genuine Atlas Copco oil can take away the risks associated with purchasing generic oils, as generic oils are made for a range of equipment with standard requirements. These generic oils could result in a shorter lifetime of your air compressor, as there is a higher risk of your machine breaking down. The breakdown of your machine will require extra maintenance, resulting in downtime for your machine and more costs to you.

Longer Lifetime to Your Compressor

With our genuine air compressor oils you will receive a longer lifetime for your machine, as there is no foaming or oil carry over. We understand that you have specific needs for your equipment, and we tailor our oils accordingly by creating a unique mix of additives. Our unique mix prevents corrosion, contamination and premature wear to your compressor.

Maximum Protection against Contamination

Maximum protection is ensured with our air compressor oils through our oils containing anti-oxidation and anti-foaming. Anti-foaming also improves the air quality surrounding your compressor. We combine our expertise of compressors with the collaboration of oil companies to provide you with one of a kind lubricant.

Expert Knowledge in Air Compressor Oils

Whether you want to learn more about the benefits of using genuine Atlas Copco oils, or looking to purchase lubricants, our sales, service and support team can find the best solution for you. They have expert knowledge in this field that they use to provide you with all the knowledge you need going into your next purchase.

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