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F Series Air Dryers

Our F Series Air Dryers include a dewpoint as low as 7 °C

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Reliable Air Dryers for Your Cooling Needs

Our F series refrigerant dryers helps to ensure your compressed air system is working efficiently, and in optimal shape. The refrigerant dryers work by cooling compressed air using refrigerant gases. Using this allows them to condense and remove the humidity in the air. We here at Atlas Copco Compressors provide quality assured, and reliable air dryers.

F compressed air dryer


Compatible Air Dryers

The F series range are compatible with most compressor technologies and applications. All compressed air can reach a humidity of 100%, but with our air dryers, residual humidity is eliminated. This not only prevents water in your system, but also results in absolutely dry air, which is essential for applications that require advanced air quality.

Simple & Quality Assured System

The simple design of the F series air dryers makes for a quick and easy plug & play installation. The components of our reliable air solutions are quality assured to ensure that your equipment runs efficiently. The dewpoint indicator included will help you to verify your air quality.

Efficient Cooling System Lowers Lifetime Costs

The overall total lifetime cost of your compressor can be enhanced by the use of an efficient cooling system. The intervals between services becomes longer, as there is fewer repairs to tools, machines and pipe work needed. We understand that the energy costs is an important factor, which is why we have created air dryers that are reliable and efficient.

Sales, Service & Support Team

Our sales, service and support team are have expert knowledge in this field. We all understand that you want to receive that best out of your system, which is why we can provide you with the right solution no matter your unique requirements.

Give us a call to find out more our air dryers on 1800 023 469.

Features  Benefits 
Stable pressure dewpoint as low as 7 °C                          Strong performance                                                                     
Dewpoint indicator to verify air quality  Easy operation 
Quick plug-and-play-insta;;ation  Quick installation 
Fewer repairs to tools and machines Cost saving                                          
Long service intervals  Low maintenance                               
Quality components Strong reliability  

Air dryers

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F Series Refrigerant Air Dryer

Compact and Efficient Dry Air Solution