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Our FD Series Air Dryers include a dewpoint as low as 3°C

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Reliable Air System To Lower Energy Costs

When operating your compressed air it is important to ensure that it runs efficiently. There is a risk that moisture can get into your machine and cause serious problems for your compressor. With an air dryer you can limit that risk, and avoid condensation. Our FD refrigerant air dryers are a reliable quality air cooling system that uses efficient means to remove water from compressed ar.

Refrigerant air dryer FD 2000+ and oil-free air centrifugal compressor ZH 630 + installation

The Essential Air Dryer

With a pressure dewpoint as low as 3°C, the FD refrigerant air dryers are a perfect dry air solution for a variety of applications. Our  FD range begins with the air cooled FD 5 with a capacity volume of 6 l/s, or 13 cfm to the water cooled FD 4000 VSD with a capacity volume of 4000 l/s, or 8480 cfm. This essential tool will protect your production, and your reputation.

Designed, Tested and Manufactures In-House

The FD range is tested, designed and manufactured in-house to ensure you are getting the best possible dry air solution. The most stringent methods are used to test these air dryers, with ambient temperatures of up to 50°C. We understand that there are many applications where there is a need for dry air, this is why we ensure our air dryers are of superior productivity.

Energy-Saving Features

These air dryers are incorporated with energy saving features, such as heat exchanger technology, that will cut the costs to you. Our FD Dryers are also the most environmentally friendly and quietest in their class. CPC-free refrigerants are used to prevent any damage to the earth’s ozone layer, and are enclosed in a sound suppression canopy to reduce noise levels.

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All-In-One Design Minimises Costly Production Downtime 
Integrated Variable Speed Drive Lowered Total Cost of Ownership 
Advanced Control and Monitoring System  Superior Productivity 

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