FX Series Air Dryers

Our FX Series Air Dryers include a dewpoint as low as 5 °C

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A Quality Air System For Your Cooling Needs

Our FX refrigerant air dryers are designed to ensure that your compressor efficiency is not compromised. From time to time sludge can form from the oil, solid particles and water vapors that comes from compressed air. This could result in risks to your machine, as they could enter your compressed air system and make severe damages to your machine. A dry air solution, such as the FX Series, is a way to avoid any condensation.

Air Dryers Available In a Range of Sizes

The FX air dryers are available in 22 sizes, and has a pressure dewpoint as low as 5 °C. These dryers can be used at different pressures and consumes hardy any processed compressed air. The range also includes high temperature models that ensure dependable performance in conditions up to 46°C. Our FX range begins with the FX 1 with a capacity volume of 7 l/s, or 14 cfm to the FX 21 with a capacity volume of 1236 l/s, or 2516 cfm.

Lowered Total Cost of Ownership

All of our air treatment solutions are developed and tested in-house to ensure you have the most reliable and efficient air quality. You will receive an overall lowered total cost of ownership as minimal maintenance will be required, and your machine and parts will be less likely to malfunction or breakdown.   

Air Dryers Sales, Support and Service Team

Our Sales, Support and Service team are ready to answer any questions you may have on air dryers. They have expert knowledge in this field, and use that knowledge to find the best air solution depending on your needs.

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Features  Benefits             
Digital Display monitors pressure dew point                                 Provides peace of mind                                                                                          
 Refrigerant separator  No chance of moisture entering the compressed air system  
Single elctrical connection Quick Installation  
Made of high quality components  Strong reliability                                   
Minimal chance of product damage due to moisture carryover  Significant cost savings  

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