Getting the right dental air compressor

Things to think about when getting new detail air compressor

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Getting the right dental air compressor

What to consider when selecting the right dental air compressor. To get the right detail air for you practice or clinic you need to consider many things. Below are some of the things to think about when selecting your next dental compressor.


LFxD dental air compressor

As a dentist you are reliant on compressed air to run your clinic and provide your patients with the best possible service and experience. You need to ensure that you have a dental air compressor with a capacity big enough for your requirements. You should also consider what you foresee for your dental business, do you plan to expand and grow or do expect the size of the clinic to remain the same. If you are planning to grow, then you should factor this into your purchase of a new dental compressor.

Technology and size

When selecting a compressor you should consider the technology based on the size of your clinic. The most common technology for dental air is piston compressors. They are reliable and require relatively low maintenance and they are small. Atlas Copco offer a range of piston dental air compressor perfect from 1 chair and up, you can explore the LFxD dental range here. But for larger sized dental clinics and laboratories a scroll compressor can be a better option, learn more about our SF scroll compressor.

Oil-free, Certified oil-free

As a dentist, you are responsible for your patient dental care and the last thing you want to worry about is your detail compressor. So when you buy a new air compressor for your detail air, insist not only on oil-free air, insist and ensure that your air is certified 100% oil-free. Atlas Copco dental air compressors are certified Class 0 – 100% oil-free for your piece of mind.

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