Piston Air Compressor for the handyman

Our Automan 2hp and 3hp reciprocating air compressor are portable and reliable.

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Handyman Piston Compressor

Are you looking for a 2hp and 3hp air compressor for sale? Look no further, Atlas Copco Automan Professional Series is just he reciprocating piston compressor for you. It is light and portable and provides you with a reliable source of compressed air. Ask your air compressor retailer today for Atlas Copco Automan Professional Series.

Piston Air Compressor

Piston Air Compressor from Atlas Copco

Handy for the Handyman

The Automan Professional Series is our 2ph and 3hp Aluminium piston air compressor. Made for the professional handyman or the serious DIY person. It is the perfect air compressor when you need a reliable flow of compressed air for your application. The 50L tank and its aluminium design makes it nice and easy to move about. This handyman air compressor comes with a regulator as standard. Contact us on 1800 023 469 to learn more and to find your nearest distributor.

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