HardHat® canopy compressor and generator

The HardHat® canopy

If it's not a HardHat®, it's just plastic...


8 Series portable diesel compressor with HardHat

Our newest 8 series compressor with HardHat

Atlas Copco is celebrating the 10th anniversary of an innovation that broke new ground in the protection of portable air compressors. The Hardhat compressor features a canopy made from linear medium-density polyethylene (PE).

Atlas Copco introduced the HardHat canopy in 2005. For over a decade, our customers are experiencing the power of this innovative canopy for compressors and light towers.

Depending on your application you might ask about robustness, durability, ruggedness or toughness – we have one simple word for all of the above – The HardHat®. This legendary canopy was born in 2005 and the 8 Series features the latest, toughest design.

The new serie 8 towable air compressor

The HardHat, lightweight and easy to transport

Ideal for construction sites and rental usage, the material used on the HardHat protects the working operation underneath from the elements. It is this design-focus and tough material which ensures the performance and appearance last for years of service, helping to retain a high resale value and provide customer with outstanding total cost of ownership. Thanks to the use of plastic rather than metal, the HardHat canopy is resistant to corrosion, lightweight, crack-resistant, environmentally friendly and better able to meet the tough demands of on-site use.

A quick demonstration of the HardHat

Meet the legend!

Winner of the Reddot Award

In 2015 Atlas Copco won the Red Dot award in the category Product Design for the innovative HardHat canopy.

Meet the 8 Series; our latest HardHat portable diesel compressor

Power Technique Hardhat HardHat

The HardHat® canopy

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