Kee Group Partner With Atlas Copco Construction

Kee Hire paving the future!

Kee Hire use Atlas Copco Dynapac Paver to pave major road in Perth Australia

From the early beginnings Kee Group have been committed to providing their clients with the safest, most efficient and technologically advanced machinery. They have been pioneers in the hire industry and their rapidly growing asphalt division is proof enough of the quality service being offered. Atlas Copco is proud that the Kee Group have decided to partner with us to upgrade not only their hire fleet but also the equipment used by their asphalt division with the latest of Dynapac Compaction and Paving equipment.

Over the last 6 months we have been working together to delivery 70+ machines into Kee Group’s Hire Division. This week marked a milestone as the first of two Dynapac SD2500WS pavers was delivered and commissioned.

Kee Hire night paving

The pavers are loaded with the latest in technology with key features such as:  • Pave Manager 2 Advanced • Truck Assist Advanced • Set Assist • Hydraulic operated and electrically heated screed side shields • Tamping, vibration screeds with additional high compaction plates • Vario Speed, load sensing hydraulic system to keep engine RPM to a minimum and reduce fuel usage • Integrated levelling system 

Kee Hire paving the night away
Safety features such as:  • Fully sliding operators platform to provide superior visibility of the job site • Complete LED work light system including balloon lights to ensure a safe work site even during night time operations • Ultra-low operating noise levels
Kee Hire's new fleet of Dynapac Rollers

Fitted with a Dynapac V5100TVH advanced high compaction screed that provided 92% pre compaction at a depth of 75mm with the system running at a mere 70% capacity, laying with a perfectly level profile and a completely uniform surface structure it is safe to say the machine has performed above and beyond the expectations of the Kee Group.

Kee Group historically operated with a competitor product however now they have made the change to Dynapac Compaction and Paving Equipment they are completely astonished by what these products are capable of.

Kee Group Co-Director, Damon Spiers said the following: “I founded KEE group with my brother Clayton with the sole intention to be unrelenting in our desire to exceed all expectations of our clients. It was our belief that the civil and mining industries needed a service provider that would act as a real partner that provided leadership in seeking out best work practices, people and equipment that ultimately would deliver success in acquiring and safely delivering their projects. Atlas Copco are providing the tools and support necessary for us to meet our goals and thus ultimately providing our clients with world class products and support to meet their needs. We made a commitment in the depths of the WA downturn to purchase a significant amount of new rollers and pavers from Atlas Copco and it has been a resounding success. The rollers are highly productive, safe and reliable and our new pavers are nothing short of phenomenal. We look forward to expanding our partnership with the Atlas Copco brand and continue our expansion both in WA and over East.”

Atlas Copco looks forward to continuing to develop the relationship with Kee Group into the future and beyond!

Click here to see the SD2500WS in action!

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