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Oil-free centrifugal blower ZB VSD+

Atlas Copco provides you the lowest running cost with our Energy-efficient ZB VSD+ thanks to its magnetic bearing technology, which protects your Cement production process and helps you save money.
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Durable technology, smart design

ZB blowers have a compact design incorporating the latest magnetic bearing centrifugal air technology. Constant air supply at the lowest energy consumption.

ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified

Safeguards the quality of your end product by providing you with 100% oil-free air

Reduce the cost of compressed air

The Variable Speed Drive Technology (VSD) helps you save even more by adjusting the air flow to your specific needs.

Plug and play

The ZB centrifugal air blower with integrated VSD simplifies your installation, reducing installation time and cost.

Quiet operation

The ZB’s low vibration and noise levels improve your working environment.

Aftermarket support with quick response

Cut your electricity bill by replacing your existing tri-lobe blower by Atlas Copco High Speed Turbo Blowers.

oil-free centrifugal air blower ZB VSD

oil-free centrifugal air blower ZB VSD

Atlas Copco ZB centrifugal air blowers have proven their efficiency and reliability over many years. Thanks to the unique design of centrifugal frictionless direct drive, you get a constant air flow and the highest air volume for your cement application
The integrated variable speed drive (VSD) technology in the blower packages helps you achieve maximum energy savings by adjusting the air flow to your specific needs.

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