How to choose the right operating mode

Different operating modes of Energy Storage Systems

How to choose the right operating mode for energy storage systems

One of the key benefits of the modular ZenergiZe battery storage solution is its flexibility. Depending on the application, and the available power source, energy storage systems can be used either as a sole source of power or to enable smart load management to help balance power consumption in demanding applications.

How does island mode work?

In an island mode, the ZenergiZe units can be used as a standalone source of power. The modular unit can be used in a 3ph connection or in a single phase. A typical application of energy storage systems in island mode would be a small event in a city center, where the unit is needed to power low loads, such as lighting and music devices, and where emissions and noise need to be limited. When combined with a renewable source to produce the energy needed, such as solar panels or a wind turbine, running the ZenergiZe units in an island mode can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 100 percent, resulting in a completely sustainable solution.

How does hybrid mode work?

In the hybrid mode, the ZenergiZe units are combined with any diesel generator to enable smart load management. This mode is ideal for improving performance in an application like a construction site, where the batteries can be used to feed low loads – such as site lighting – during nights, or to supply extra power during peaks in demand. How does a battery energy storage system work?The generator will recharge the batteries when the demand for power is low, optimizing efficiency and ensuring that the batteries are ready for use when needed. 

The hybrid mode is designed to help operators improve sustainability and cut costs. It can reduce the daily fuel consumption by up to 50 percent, compared to a standalone diesel generator, significantly reducing the cost of operations, and saving approximately 100 tons of CO2. In addition to green operation, a key benefit of the energy storage system working in hybrid mode is that it can help extend the lifespan of the generator while optimizing its performance. In practice, this means that a 40 percent smaller generator can be used for the same application. This helps operators reduce fuel consumption by a corresponding amount, improving sustainability. A smaller and lighter unit also translates to reduced fuel costs during transportation, and the small footprint makes the unit an easy fit for a range of applications from busy construction sites to crowded events.

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How to choose the right operating mode

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