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Automation - News and Stories

Automation that combines the best of two worlds, the robotic and the human. A value proposition that makes sense for your production, your operators and your bottom line.

Automation in industrial manufacturing provides a future-proof answer to increasingly precise plant and machinery requirements and allows for the greatest level of assembly line control. It enables for shorter production paths thereby increasing the efficiency of the assembly line and reducing investments costs.

The advancement of automated technology in production reduces plant downtime, increases output, improves quality and reduces operator injuries. Modern automation is however not only traditional fixture solutions, such as cobots (collaborative robots) and robots, but also any software that can help automate production. Cobots are robots built to work alongside humans in production environments. The value of a cobot lies in its repeatability and reliability, whereas the value of a human operator lies in the ability to adapt to changing requirements and conditions. 

The Atlas Copco solutions facilitate the integration of automated technology systems. Furthermore, many allow for advanced error-proofing and valuable data collection, along with more efficient and flexible production processes. Engineered to meet the needs of new and existing assembly processes, our automation offerings provide peak efficiency, extensive flexibility and high cost effectiveness in every application. The overall result is increased productivity and quality of the final product while reducing operating times and rationalize operators work to improve working conditions and lower production costs. 

Automation is a key trend in modern day industrial manufacturing. Let us share our insights, experiences, and knowledge to help you take control of your assembly line.

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