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Sustainability matters in industrial manufacturing. To your customers, your employees, your profitability and our planet.

The industrial sector, which includes the manufacturing industry, accounts for roughly one fifth of the global greenhouse gas emissions. Adding to that, the industrial sector consumes approximately half of the world’s energy resources. There is therefore an immediate need for manufacturing companies to more efficiently use the Earth’s limited resources in a more sustainable manner while minimizing impacts on the environment measured in terms of carbon footprint.

Innovation and technological progress are key to finding lasting solutions to both environmental and economic challenges. Companies need to re-imagine how to create and capture value in this new environment. Running a sustainable and profitable manufacturing process will require holistic and sustained insight and intelligence to better utilize given resources, increase energy efficiency and reduce waste and CO2 process-driven emissions. And achieve this while maintaining profitability.

Atlas Copco is committed to science-based targets. In doing so we act to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation, increase productivity and drive more sustainable manufacturing processes with that resource efficiency. In short, helping ourselves and our customers do more with less.

Sustainability is a key factor in modern day industrial manufacturing. Let us share our insights, experiences and knowledge to help you drive your manufacturing processes in a more sustainable way.

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