Our angle sanders

Our wide range of angle sanders covers all your needs. They are available in many different sizes and models for fiber discs between 50 and 230 mm. All our angle sanders can be equipped with spot suction kits to reduce the health risk for operators exposed to potentially dangerous particles.

For fiber discs, 50-75 mm

LSV19 S120, angle sanders

These sanders are suitable for applications with high demands on surface finish and requiring tools offering good accessibility.

LSV12/19 sanders are a good choice for this type of finer work. For operator comfort the tools are ergonomically designed with the option of dust extraction. All tools are available with either a collet or a threaded spindle and a speed governor for optimal process speed.

For fiber discs, dia. 180-230 mm

LSV28 ST034, angle sanders

LSV28 tools are small yet powerful, one-handed sanders. They are available in various speeds and also in a wet sanding version.

LSV38 is suitable for medium rough to rough sanding. A speed governor ensures optimum process speed.

LSV48 is suitable for rough sanding when more power is needed. This tool comes with a tilted throttle handle to make the work more ergonomic.

PRO series

PRO, G2510 S086, sander

PRO angle sanders are very powerful and light. Their high power output makes light work of rough surface sanding.

Extreme productivity

For fiber discs, dia. 180-230 mm

GT40 S060-900 Turbine Sander

Atlas Copco extreme productivity sanders are durable with all-aluminum housings that make them suitable for the toughest working environments. GTG sanders are powered by turbine technology which gives extremely short process times due to high power-to-weight ratios.

LSV48 is our most powerful angle vane sander with 1.9 kW of power for extreme productivity.

All the tools have a speed governor to ensure optimum process speed and an Autobalancer to reduce vibrations.

Turbine technology boosts productivity

More efficient than a conventional vane sander motor, the 2 stage turbine motor in the GTG25 provides an extremely high efficiency leading to great rate of material removal on the roughest surfaces. A speed governor ensures optimum process speed and process time is cut to a minimum. Since the job is done faster, the total energy consumption is significantly lower for each job.

Reduces operator strain

The GTG25 is ergonomically designed in every aspect. Its high power-to-weight ratio, 2.5 kW of power in a 2.1 kg tool, makes sanding much easier for the user. Combined with other GTG25 features, for example, an ergonomic angled throttle handle and an autobalancer to minimize vibrations, the overall result is less strain on the operator.

Highly service friendly

With its all-metal design, the GTG25 turbine sander is a robust, durable tool. Service intervals are long and servicing is easy thanks to modular internal components and Service Kits from Atlas Copco.

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Every third car in the world was made with our tools.

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