Our two-tooler package

Take this two-tooler package wherever you need it to be. Our compact Stage V compressor weighs below 750 kg and feeds 2 RTEX breakers.

What is a two-tooler?

With a two-tooler package, one compressor delivers enough air (FAD) to feed 2 (or more) handheld tools. Companies often choose this solution because it's compact, efficient and requires less transport and fueling.

Our two-tooler: tow and go

Sometimes size does matter. For example if you want to tow a compressor behind a normal passenger car. Our new XAS 48 delivers just that: enough air to power two RTEX 25 breakers in a package that weighs below 750 kg and is Stage V compliant. This new two-tool solution will be your powerful workmate for years to come…

Reliable air for your construction site

Every construction company needs a “two-tool compressor package”, where one towable compressor can power two efficient breakers. We’ve always had an Atlas Copco solution for these packages, but with the new XAS 48, we really optimized the compressor for this specific application. We designed the machine to be fuel efficient, small and easy to service and operate. Tow and go.

Stage V compliant, while saving money

The XAS 48 compressor is a size down from our previous two-tooler package. A smaller compressor means a smaller investment, so you’ll save some money there. But with the XAS 48 you’ll save even more on its fuel consumption, which is 30% better than its predecessor. 

With a compressor that is already Stage V compliant, you'll be ready for the future. Stage V is currently the most stringent emission standard in the world. Still, the XAS 48 requires no diesel after-treatment system or costly diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

RTEX - the best pneumatic breaker we've ever built

In our two-tooler package, the tools are more than just a detail. The RTEX breakers were optimized for an extremely low air consumption, about half of a comparable breaker, and excellent ergonomics. With vibration dampening technology, this tool protects the operator against harmful vibrations and allows to work longer hours.

How many tools can I run on my compressor?

Small or big construction site, Atlas Copco has a machine for every situation. This chart tells you which compressor pairs up best with some of our popular tools.

Compressor and tools sizing chart