Working Tools for Cobra Petrol Breakers

Atlas Copco Working Tools are the only tools designed, tested and approved for use on Atlas Copco breakers.

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Atlas Copco offers a broad range of highquality handheld working tools. Shank steels are produced to ISO 1180 dimensional tolerances, ensuring a correct fit between the tool bushing, and are tested and approved for use on the Atlas Copco breakers.

Put them to work on the toughest job sites and for the most complex applications, as they were manufactured with the same quality standards as your Atlas Copco breakers. And just like the main breaker parts, the part numbers are stamped on and remain clearly visible even after use, for your reference.

These working tools are made from low-carbon steel, combining the benefits of a hardened case without the risk of core brittleness. With a softer core, working tools provide optimal resistance to bending stresses that typically occur using handheld powerful breakers. This results in a longer lifetime, while protecting your breaker from secondary damage (e.g., on the piston). Our wide-ranging portfolio allows you to choose the best tool for each application, increasing productivity and reducing cost of operation.

Features   Benefits

Top-quality steel and optimized heat treatment                                            


Increase the lifetime and reliability of both your breaker and the working tool itself


Shank steels are produced to ISO 1180 dimensional tolerances              


 Avoid the secondary damage that tools with wrong dimensions cause in the impact mechanism. 


Wide portfolio with the right tool for each application                                    


Increase your productivity and reduce your cost of operation (time, energy, etc.)


Working tool recommendation

Working Tools Applications

Narrow chisel

Breaking in concrete and soft material. General-purpose tool that controls the line of fracture

Wedge chisel

Breaking in concrete and frozen ground. A heavy-duty tool giving a progressive wedging force

Wide chisel

Cutting in medium hard to hard asphalt

Asphalt cutter

Cutting hot rolled asphalt. Gives a straight and clean cutting edge

Digging spade

Cutting asphalt or loosening material prior to excavation

Digging chisel

Digging and loosen material prior to excavation where the ground conditions are difficult

Clay spade

Cutting or digging in heavy dense clay or frozen ground. The scoped, curved profile gives efficient cutting

Tie tamper

Compaction of ballast under railway sleepers

Tamping pad

Consolidation of sub-base backfill and asphalt patching


Driving rods and stakes, for example,  into the ground

Wedge plug and feather

Rock splitting 

Bush hammer

Re-dressing of concrete or natural stone

Integral Drill Rods

Drilling small holes up to 41 mm dia.

Working Tools for Cobra Petrol Breakers

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