Explosion proof and ATEX certified air motors

Our air motors are available in explosion proof certified versions, in compliance with the European Union’s ATEX Directive on equipment for potentially explosive environments.

Explosion proof air motor

Certified air motors are ideal in hazardous environments, where sparks or high outer temperatures might otherwise ignite explosive gases, vapor or dust.

When ordering the air motor, in parallel you order a certificate on the order number related to the requested motor type. Each unit is separately tested and will meet the following explosion proof classes.

LZB 14, LZB 42, LZB 46, LZB 54, LZB 66 and LZB 77
- Ex II 2G T4 IIC D110°C
LZB 22, LZB 33 and LZB 34R
- Ex II 2G T5 IIC D85°C
LZL 03S, LZL 05S, LZL 15, LZL 25 and LZL 35
- Ex II 2G T2 IIC D240°C
LZL 03M and LZL 05M
- Ex II 2G T5 IIC D85°C