RVM07B Scaler

Extremely effective in the hands of your skilled operators


The RVM07B Scaler is the obvious choice for light concrete trimming and for removal of welding slag, paint and rust from steel structures. The scaler features a clean-blowing device which is very useful in order to keep the work piece clean from slag and other particles from the process. Its built-in ergonomic features, reduces the load on the user and protects the operator against the ill effects of long-term exposure to vibration and noise.


  • Less exposure to vibrations
  • Less exposure to noise
  • Two-job capacity
  • Sturdy design that is easy to maintain
  • Easy to change chisel


  • Unique vibration damping system
  • Low noise level
  • Clean-blowing device
  • Lightweight robust aluminum alloy casing
  • Quick change retainer
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  • Blows : 100 Hz
  • Air consumption : 3.8 l/s
  • Air consumption : 8.1 cfm