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Refrigerated air dryer

All about refrigerated air dryers

Our complete range of refrigerated air dryers

Reliable system protection

Our refrigerated dryers offer a reliable, economic and simple solution to avoid condensation and thereby corrosion in your systems

Minimal maintenance, maximum uptime

Our ranges of refrigerant dryers require a minimum of maintenance and hence can deliver a maximum of uptime. Reducing your production costs through less downtime

Easy to install

Our refrigerated air dryers follow the plug-and-play concept, meaning you can easily install your unit

The energy efficiency of refrigerated compressed air dryers

The energy efficiency depends on the internal pressure drop and the electrical power consumed by the dryer.  

Keeping the pressure drop as low as possible

The internal pressure drop is the difference between the pressure of the compressed air at the dryer inlet and outlet pipe.
The lower the internal pressure drop of the refrigerated dryer, the lower the pressure you need to achieve with the air compressor. And the less energy the compressor consumes. 

Our refrigerant dryers are designed to minimize pressure drop and have therefore the lowest energy consumption.


Energy-saving refrigeration system technologies

Maximize your energy savings from the first minute of operation with

  • Variable speed drive refrigerated dryers 
    Compressed air flow fluctuates depending on the time of the day, week, or even month and working temperatures may vary. VSD technology allows to adapt to the fluctuations and saves energy in case of partial load or altering working conditions.
  • Components designed for efficiency
  • Monitoring and control system

How does a refrigerated air dryer work?

Refrigerant dryers are the most commonly used dryers in the industry and consist of an air-to-air heat exchanger and an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger. The heat exchangers remove moisture from your compressed air by condensation of water within.This is essential to protect compressed air systems and every piece of equipment fed by compressed air from the harmful effects of moisture.

The most important criterion is to keep the relative humidity of compressed air below 50%.

Both air-cooled and water-cooled refrigerant dryers are available. Basically, the dryers cool down the warm wet air coming from the compressor, When the temperature of compressed air reduces, moisture condenses and is drained from the compressed air with the help of a high-efficiency water separator.

After that, compressed air is reheated to around room temperature so that condensation does not form on the outside of the pipe system. This heat exchange between ingoing and outgoing compressed air also reduces the temperature of the incoming compressed air, and as such reduces the required cooling capacity of the refrigerant circuit.

Refrigerated compressed air dryer range

All about refrigerated air dryers

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