Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

The most accurate solution for tightening a bolt

Atlas Copco supplies a wide range of bolt tensioners to suit a variety of applications and environments as well as tensioning pumps. Read more

Topside tensioners

CTST are reliable, economical and dependable insert type hydraulic tensioner that is proven in the marketplace. The tool is designed to fit on to most flanges. Simple to use and designed to fit many applications, each base tool can be converted for use on a different bolt size by the use of a conversion kits.

Wind turbine tensioners

The Tentec Aero WTF is a purpose designed range of hydraulic bolt tensioning tools developed and designed to suit most wind turbine foundation bolting applications.Get rapid tensioning and a safe, reliable and consistent method to simultaneously tension many foundation bolts.

Hydraulic tensioning pumps

Pneumatic and electric driven pumps to suit all tensioning applications, available in both low and high operating pressures. They are robust and reliable with low maintenance requirements. Designed to satisfy the tough demands of the operational environment as well as manufacturing or maintenance.

Subsea tensioners

This subsea tensioner is made from high strength stainless steel that greatly reduces maintenance work after subsea use. Split nut design of reaction nut and integrated bridge with load cell makes the job of the diver easier and quicker.

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