oil-injected screw air comrpessor

Oil-injected air compressor

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Type of Oil injected Air Compressor

One popular air compressor is rotary screw air compressor. The basic principle for this type of air compressor uses two rotors (helical screw) to compress the air. The special shape of rotors has a unique physical operation that the rotors (helical screw) have the little clearance between them for the physical turn in opposite directions. Air sucked in, at one side gets trapped between the rotors and pushed to the other side of rotors (pressure side). The oil-injected air compressor type is most typical air compressor than oil-free air compressor if compare with the price (some application requires 100% oil-free air compressor) and because it has more advantage functional such as lower noise level, supply a large amount of compressed air, and possible for energy recovery.

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