Why do so many distilleries choose Atlas Copco?

There are lots of reasons why craft distilleries and big brands depend on Atlas Copco equipment and service in their production. Find out below

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Oil-free compressors and blowers

Oil-lubricated compressors

Nitrogen generators

Vacuum pumps

Aluminium & stainless steel pipework

Parts and service

Compressed air packages matching the distiller's requirements

Whether you need oil-free compressed air or oil-injected, in large or small quantities, if your main concern is energy efficiency, a small machine to fit near the point of use, or a whisper-quiet noise level, Atlas Copco can match a compressed air solution to your distllery’s needs, with the perfect fit.

... for any scale of operations

Although air compression is not the central part of a distillery's activities, compressed air is important for many operations in production, packaging and fermentation. Some of these are critical and require guaranteed oil-free air, while others are well-served by air from oil-injected compressors.

... for every stage of production

Whatever the level you operate at - be it a micro-distillery or a production line of millions of bottles weekly - Atlas Copco has the right compressors and nitrogen generators for your purposes. Associated pipework, compressor parts and service are also available from Atlas Copco to support your distilling applications and keep a steady supply of compressed air or nitrogen flowing. This is why so many of the world's distilleries have chosen Atlas Copco as a supplier.

Our Compressed Air and Nitrogen Experts

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Our Compressed Air and Nitrogen Experts

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