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High pressure nitrogen skid package solutions for alternative fuel ships

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Atlas Copco has developed high pressure nitrogen packages required for purging the fuel gas supply systems (FGSS)/ engines of ships which utilise alternative shipping fuels (LNG, LPG, Ethane, Ammonia).

Why do you need high pressure nitrogen for marine use?

The introduction of new emissions regulations to reduce SOx, NOx, CO2 and particulate matter in exhaust fumes have driven an increased demand for alternative fuels for ships. 

This has resulted in new-build ships utilising alternative fuels such as LNG, LPG, Ethane, Ammonia and Methanol, and has lead to an increase in dual fuel ship conversions. 

Often these alternative fuel ships require high pressure nitrogen for inerting/purging the fuel gas supply syetem and engine. And it is for this very reason that Atlas Copco has used its experience in industrial gases to develop a high pressure nitrogen skid range (HPN2 Skid) for marine applications (from 40 to 380 Barg - the pressure is dependant on the fuel gas supply pressure).

Why buy our HPN2 Skid package

Small Footprint. All components are fitted onto one compact skid. 

Supreme efficiency.  Includes the most energy efficient components as standard. VSD+ and NGP+ technologies can offer more than 50% savings compared to conventional on-site nitrogen generation.  The high pressure version allows for storage and thus a smaller plant in case of fluctuating nitrogen consumption. 

Easy purchase, installation and operation. 8 models available to meet your needs. Plug and play solution - no compressor and booster sizing or complicated calculations needed. 

Increased reliability. All components are pre-commissioned and tested  to work as one system. It is 100% designed and manufactured by Atlas Copco. What's more, your entire nitrogen generation system is covered by one service agreement!

Marine approved. Atlas Copco's unique HPN2 solution for marine applications covers all the fuel gas pressures which are used and is marine approved. 

HPN2 Skid product specification

Nitrogen Skid:
GA VSD+, NGP+ & Booster and receivers and bottles

The HPN2 is a turnkey, marine approved high pressure nitrogen skid package consisting of:

  • GA VSD+ air compressor

  • NGP+ PSA nitrogen generator (patented) 

  • 3x air receivers 

  • Booster unit to boost the pressure to a range of pressures 40-380 Barg

  • High pressure cylinders up to 380 Barg for nitrogen storage 

  • Connecting pipework 

  • Full flame retardant wiring 

  • Type approved by LRS

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