Food and beverage food grade compressed air and nitrogen

Compressed air and nitrogen for the Food & Beverage industry

Whether you need Class 0 compressed air systems for sensitive applications in food & beverage processing, oil-injected compressors for general plant air, nitrogen generators, vacuum pumps or pipework, Atlas Copco has a solution

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Oil-free air for incomparable air purity

Our oil-free compressors deliver ISO 8573-1 (2010) Class 0 oil free air. They are also compliant with the ISO 22000 food safety management system.

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Oil-injected air compressors

There are many non-critical operations in food & drinks production and packaging which are well-served by air from oil-injected compressors plus filtration.

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On-site, food-grade nitrogen generation

Discover the cost savings and other advantages of using on-site nitrogen generation in comparison to delivered nitrogen bottles or a liquid nitrogen service.

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At home in the food and beverage industry

Make decades of experience in food and beverage work for you:


Automation air

Compressed air is used to control the valves and actuators in automated lines for filling, packaging and bottling. With oil-free compressed air, you prevent your automation components from jamming and keep your end product safe


Compressed air is used to push ingredients such as powdered milk or cocoa powder along pipes. With oil-free air, you will avoid oil contaminant mixing with the powder and maintain its purity.

Cleaning air

Compressed air for cleaning bottles, packaging and moulding prior to filling. Oil in compressed air will contaminate the food containers and alter the flavour and odour of the end product, besides being a health hazard

Air blowing, aeration

A continuous supply of oil-free low pressure air can be used, for example, to deliver oxygen to the stock yeast in a fermentation vessel at a commercial yeast production site.


Compressed air supplies oxygen to bacteria during fermentation to produce food ingredients such as citric acid, wine, yoghurt… The presence of even small oil traces will affect bacterial activity, create a substandard product and contaminate the end product

Food storage and packaging

Nitrogen is often used in the storage and blanketing of foods and beverages, such as purging oxygen from bags of roasted coffee, a vital step in preventing oxidation affecting product quality and flavour while in transit and storage. Nitrogen can also be used in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP); the inert atmosphere in food packages is critical to ensure a long shelf life.

Cooling and spraying

Compressed air is used to cool down baked goods after they emerge from the oven. Contamination of the air spoils the end product leading to rejections and production losses

Food and beverage customer stories

Atlas Copco provides oil-free compressed air to La Molisana

Class Zero, means zero oil and zero risk of contamination or of unsafe products. Oil-injected compression, even filtered, cannot guarantee that all oil vapors, aerosols and other contaminants are removed from the air.

In the food and beverages industry in particular any risk of oil contamination must be excluded.


The new oil-free ZR compressor, tested by Birra Peroni

Peroni likes Atlas Copco’s new oil-free ZR compressor because it gives them peace of mind that no hydrocarbons come into contact with the beer or the bottle. After running for over 6000 hours at its Padova, Italy, site, Peroni is very pleased with its reliability.


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