air compressor service in the summer

5+1 reasons to service your compressor this summer

High humidity and high temperatures are just what your compressor hates. So if you want to avoid an unscheduled compressor shutdown and loss of production, now’s the time to arrange a summer service. Before the heat is on.

1. Coolers need inspection as higher ambient temperatures will magnify any existing issues

During a summer service, the engineer will inspect the cooler to check if the cooling fan is running properly. Blocked or clogged coolers will cause your compressor to overheat on a hot summer day, potentially causing expensive downtime. It is necessary to clean dust or residues from cooling fans to ensure their proper functioning. If a cooler is not maintained regularly, it could be completely blocked and might require removal for more intense cleaning.

2. Hot weather can adversely affect oil lifetime and, consequently, your compressor element

Higher temperatures in combination with poor quality oil can shorten service intervals and even result in failure of the element, causing you a needless headache. During maintenance, the engineer can evaluate how the compressor is running and suggest the correct type of oil, depending on the average temperature of operation. This way, the compressor will run cooler and, as you probably already know, if the oil filters are clean, your compressor is also using less energy.

3. To ensure uninterrupted operation of the compressed air installation, drains need to be fully functional

Much more condensate comes out of your compressor in the humid conditions of summer. Failing drains combined with high humidity levels will most surely put your compressed air system on hold. When the service engineer is on site, they will test the drains to ensure that they are fully operational and condensate is being properly discharged. 

4. Air blast cooling water systems should be checked for cleanliness and correct fan operation to prevent overheating in hot weather

Even the smallest change in the ambient temperature can affect the dew point of your compressed air. Ensuring regular cleaning and professional maintenance of the compressor will prevent these problems.

5. Prevent increased dew point and contaminated air supplies

Refrigeration dryers are very susceptible to higher ambient temperatures. A reduced dew point will increase the risk of condensate forming inside your pipework. Therefore, it is crucial to have dryers checked regularly.

Get a compressor peak performance assessment worth £500

Will your compressor make it through summer?

Everyone likes to take a summer break. But you don’t want your air compressor to do the same. So now’s the time to arrange a summer service, before the warmer weather and higher humidity start to affect its operation. Ask us for a quotation for a service, at a time to suit you. One of our highly experienced, factory trained service engineers will visit your site to carry out a summer service* on any brand of compressor, using only genuine parts, with the minimum disruption to your working day. You’ll be left with a compressor you can be sure is operating at its optimum and ready to cope efficiently, whatever the weather.

* Summer service includes: air filters, oil filters, oil & cooler cleaning (4000hr service), dryers to include condenser cleaning and gas level & temperature checks. 

An unscheduled compressor shutdown is enough to get anyone hot under the collar. Keep your cool,


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