Predictive technology for your air compressor helps minimise downtime

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Smartlink: a smart insight that can improve your compressor uptime

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What is Smartlink?

Smartlink is a compressor monitoring programme providing you with a complete data insight of the compressed air production at your site.

How does Smartlink work?

Once the Smartlink programme is installed it gathers, compares and analyses data on the fly. When needed it sends you warnings by e-mail or text message.

Why should I install Smartlink?

Smartlink allows you to intelligently assess the performance of your compressed air systems and avoid unplanned downtime and repair costs..

What can SmartLink do for you?

Knowing the status of your compressed air equipment at all times is the surest way to spot any developing problems, uncover potential energy savings and achieve maximum uptime of your compressors and your production lines. These insights can be realised through SmartLink, Atlas Copco’s remote data monitoring system.

We have plenty of examples that show just how data from SmartLink connected compressors has already helped some of our customers, by spotting problems before they led to a production outage. Below are just a few.

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What’s the alternative to remote monitoring?

Without connectivity, you have to rely on visits to the compressor room to check the status of your equipment. A logbook will be needed to keep track of running hours and service requirements.

SMARTLINK gathers and analyses data on the fly, giving you full transparency and – as the administrative burden is minimised – better day to day efficiency.

You can choose from 3 levels of SMARTLINK to determine the amount of information you receive.


Get an easy and quick way to access to the online service log book, request quotes for parts and additional service.


Get an e-mail or a text message whenever a warning requires your attention.


Get customised reports on the energy efficiency of your compressor room, in compliance with ISO 50001

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