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Industrial air blowers for wastewater aeration, recycling plants, cement and dry powder conveyance, glass manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications

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Blowers for wastewater aeration, recycling plants, cement and dry powder conveyance, glass manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications

The energy to run your air blowers can account for between 40-80% of the energy required for your entire process. For this reason, energy efficiency is a key element when it comes to choosing the correct blower for your application. 

Considering the total cost of ownership is also important as dealing with repairs might end up being more expensive than getting a new blower. 

Finding the right blower technology that meets the airflow and pressure needs of your application is also something you need to factor in. Our industrial air blowers guarantee a continuous, highly reliable, energy-efficient supply to your process for years on end, and at the lowest possible operating cost. Some of the benefits of opting for Atlas Copco air blowers  are: 

  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Very wide flow and pressure operational range.
  • Low aeration blower energy cost - Representing 70% of the total operational cost.
  • Low downtime - Our specialist service keeps your equipment running and protects your investment. 
  • Increased operational efficiency - Our maintenance expertise makes your life easier when it comes to resource management.

What are the different types of industrial blowers that you offer?

Choosing the right type and size blower for your application can help you make huge savings on your energy costs. This is why Atlas Copco manufactures a wide range of air blowers and low pressure compressors for pressures between 0.3 and 4 bar(e)/58 psig.

ZS - Screw blowers

High uptime at low lifecycle costs

Φυσητήρες ZS Atlas Copco σε αεροστασιο

Our ZS series combines Atlas Copco trusted and reliable oil-free screw technology with our latest innovations in controls and high efficiency drives to deliver you Class 0 certified oil-free air up to 1.5 bar(g) / 22 psig at the lowest lifecycle cost. The main advantages of using the ZS blowers are: 

  • They are small and compact and can fit perfectly into your existing blower room.

  • Easy to maintain and can be placed outside in the toughest environments. This allows an ambient temperature up to 50°C/120°F, making them the perfect solution for anyone looking for a replacement that will drastically reduce lifecycle costs. 

ZL - Lobe blowers

High uptime at low capital costs

ZL 3 VSD wastewater treatment

The low capital and maintenance costs make our ZL lobe blowers, also called roots blowers,  a cost-effective solution for all applications that require an air supply between 0.3 and 1 bar(g) / 4.4 and 14.5 psig. Thanks to the innovative design, our units require a minimum amount of floor space and are suited for use in harsh environments such as those with ambient temperatures of +50°C / 120°F. These also come with: 

  • Fixed speed or variable speed (VSD) 
  • Optional Elektronikon® controller 
  • Plug and Play solution
  • New! ZL 1-4 & ZL 1-4 VSD

ZE/ZA - low pressure screw compressors

Providing rugged performance at the lowest operational cost

3D images of blowers in cement plant

Our ZE/ZA units are engineered to ensure reliable operation while maximizing energy savings. Some of the benefits of this range are: 

  • Fixed speed or variable speed (VSD) 
  • Class 0 certified oil-free air 
  • Air or water-cooled

ZB VSD+ - turbo blowers (high speed)

Unique design, proven efficiency

ZB 5-6 VSD plus installation_low angle

With our ZB+ range, we offer you a premium, reliable solution that delivers you Class 0 certified oil-free air up to 1.4 bar(g)/20.3 psig, at the lowest lifecycle cost. Other benefits include: 

  • High-speed permanent magnet motor with variable speed drive (VSD) 
  • Class 0 certified oil-free air 
  • Plug & Play solution

ZM - multistage centrifugal blowers

A flexible solution adaptable to your needs

ZM, ZM 4-6, multistage blowers

In thousands of installations around the world, our oil-free multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters are a reliable compressed air source for all applications up to 1.4 bar(g) / 20.3 psig

  • Fixed speed or variable speed (VSD)
  • Air, gas, pressure and vacuum applications

What's the difference between all these air blowers?

air blowers technology

How do they compare in terms of maintenance costs?

air blowers cost comparison

Elektronikon®: intelligent control and monitoring

Atlas Copco blowers feature the advanced Elektronikon Mk5 onboard controller. This includes out of the box remote monitoring capability and energy savings estimates - using the integrated SmartLink. 

The Elektronikon controllers can also be networked to ensure maximum efficiency, uptime and safety of your system. 

The advanced control system maximises the reliability of your blower installation. It monitors overall system performance with service indications, malfunction alarms and safety shutdowns.

Are your air blowers suitable for my application?

Our industrial air blowers are suitable for a variety of processes in various industrial applications. This includes but is not limited to:

Industrial wastewater treatment

As most applications in wastewater treatment require a continuous airflow with a variable volume, you need a solution that can handle a continuous uptime whilst also keeping energy consumption low.

Engineered with the highest reliability and lowest energy consumption in mind, our energy-efficient units ensure your process gets the air supply it needs. What's more, we offer different service plans and ways to monitor, control and optimise your blower unit(s) to make sure your units are always in optimal running condition!

Applications in the cement industry

In a cement factory, compressed air is an integral part of the operation. Compressed air is used as an energy source to assist in the movement of materials in the cement-making process or for powering tools that can withstand the dust, moisture and high temperatures of the process, or for plant and instrument air. We offer you a comprehensive range of oil-free air blower and low-pressure compressor technologies that are suited for harsh conditions and environments, making them ideal for operation in cement plants all around the world.

No matter what application you have, we offer a wide range of industrial air blowers that are tailored to your specific pressure and airflow requirements.

To discuss the best option for your application, contact our blower experts at 0800 181085 or email compressorsGB.web@atlascopco.com

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