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Factory-trained technicians make the difference to secure compressor installation uptime and efficiency

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Competent and experienced technicians, genuine air compressor parts and timely service are the cornerstone of a good service strategy for any compressed air installation. But these elements are not equal. All the genuine spare parts in the world and the most robust maintenance schedule could not make up for service technicians that do not know what they are doing. 

An Atlas Copco field service technician is focused to deliver equipment reliability, uptime and the lowest energy cost to the compressed air user - that's you.

The right technician for the right task

You wouldn't ask a paramedic to do brain surgery, right? Our field service technicians are trained to meet the requirements of the tasks they are assigned to. That means the technician who walks onto your site is certified to do the service activities in a safe and efficient way.

They have the necessary skills, up-to-date training on products, the right tools and high quality air compressor parts designed for the best performance of the machines they are looking after. 

Before that first step onto your site, our service technician has been trained in one of our seven dedicated regional Service Academies, which offer specialized, quality training to service technicians, operational personnel, sales professionals and even customers

Theoretical classroom training undertaken at the Service Academy is always put into practice in a dedicated workshop. That allows our technicians to familiarize themselves with every aspect of the service procedures they must undertake. They will also know the potential issues that they could encounter while out in the field. 

Atlas Copco service technician on site with executing routine maintenance on air compressor installation

An unsurpassed support network

This is where Atlas Copco's superior people network comes in to play. Our service technicians are never alone on a service job. They are supported by their other experienced colleagues in the field. They also have a specialist back office technical team and factory experts available. All are just a phone call away, and ready to jump in and lend a hand where they are needed. 

By choosing Atlas Copco as your service partner, you choose to have that whole network available to you. We are all dedicated to improving your compressed air system's reliability and energy efficiency. 

Not just Atlas Copco brand

Air compressor controller in focus with Atlas Copco service sticker

One of the benefits of being an industry leader in compressed air for more than 140 years, is that we know compressed air systems of every type, size, shape, with all their quirks. That knowledge is also spread throughout our service organisation. We train our service technicians to be able to service compressed air equipment of any brand. More than that, we always focus on how to improve the compressed air system efficiency. You can have complete confidence that our service technicians take the requirements of each piece of equipment seriously. Whether maintaining or repairing, we are following the maintenance recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer.

More than just compressor maintenance

Atlas Copco service engineer touching controls on a ZR VSD compressor to check for optimisation improvements
Nobody wakes up one day, looks out the window and thinks that today is a great day to buy a new compressor or arrange service for their compressor. Like many other customers, you are probably more focused on your production efficiency. That is why the uptime of your compressed air installation is a top priority for our service technicians. We aim to make their interventions first time right.

But there is more to the Atlas Copco service technician. Their specialist factory training means that they know how to spot anomalies. They can then implement fixes before the anomalies turn into problems or downtime.

When they are on site, they are always considering the entirety of your compressed air installation and keeping an eye out for improvements that could lower your total cost of ownership. That could mean smart controllers to optimize your compressor room. Or it could mean compressed air system remote monitoring technology to spot areas of concern before they even become anomalies.

Discover Optimizer 4.0

Female service technician looking at air compressor monitoring system

Optimizer 4.0 is a smart compressed air system controller, that monitors the requirements for compressed air from your production line. It then activates the best combination of air compressors to achieve your required pressure band and optimize energy consumption. 


Businessman using smart phone

SMARTLINK is our compressed air monitoring system that offers you insights on your compressor room operations. Actionable dashboards, customized views and pro-active advice and alerts allow you to achieve optimal efficiency and maximum availability.