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On-site nitrogen generation

If your professional processes require nitrogen, our onsite nitrogen generation could be the ideal solution. With an unmatched continuous supply of nitrogen and stable purity, our nitrogen generators are also compact and easy to handle. No moving parts and a simple separation process ensure reliable operation and minimal maintenance needs. All this with a smaller environmental footprint and quiet operation, allowing installation right on your production floor.

Nitrogen plays an important role in many industries and operations including oil & gas, electronics, food and beverage packaging, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, laser cutting, wastewater treatment


While buying or leasing nitrogen is always an option, the costs quickly add up. When it comes to efficiency, total cost of ownership, employee safety and environmental impact, onsite nitrogen generation makes a strong case. Moreover, with onsite nitrogen generation you have complete control over the purity, pressure and amount of nitrogen you generate for a given application. 

Generate your own nitrogen with compressed air

Onsite nitrogen generators can make use of either:

  • PSA technology: Generators that use this technology are capable of high levels of purity (up to 99.999%) and flow (1100 Nm³/h) which is demanded in the electronics, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries. Onsite nitrogen generators that use this technology consist of two connected towers that produce a near-continuous flow of nitrogen.
  • Membrane technology: Nitrogen generated through this method can achieve purity levels in the range of 95% - 99.5% (adjustable) and flow up to 500 m³/h. This is ideal for use in fire prevention, plastic injection molding and food preservation. Onsite nitrogen generators that use membrane technology have the advantage of having a small footprint, low maintenance, and low energy needs.

With both PSA generators and membrane generators, it’s important to pay attention to the intake air to ensure the purity of air from onsite nitrogen generation. In the case of PSA generators, the compressed air that flows into the nitrogen generator needs to be clean and dry. The temperature and pressure of the inlet air must also be controlled. This is made possible by installing an air dryer between the compressor and onsite nitrogen generator. In the case of membrane generators too, intake air needs to clean and dry in order to prevent clogging. 

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Nitrogen - What is it and where is it used
Nitrogen - What is it and where is it used
What is PSA nitrogen generation?

What is PSA nitrogen generation?

What is membrane nitrogen generation?

What is membrane nitrogen generation?

The different ways of getting nitrogen
The different ways of getting nitrogen
How nitrogen gas is generated in the pharmaceutical industry
How nitrogen gas is generated in the pharmaceutical industry

Benefits of nitrogen generation

Keep your costs low

Keep your costs low with NGM⁺ and its lowest total cost of ownership in its class. It requires 20% less feed air than a traditional generator and it does not need a wasteful feed air heater.

Reliable operations

Guarantees a continuous supply of dry, high-quality nitrogen with a stable purity to keep your operations running. A soft start protects membrane and extends lifetime.

Compact & silent

Quiet operation allows you to install the machine on your production floor. No external tanks are needed for operations with stable flow.

Industries and applications

Customer stories

Application BMI

BMI ovens

This story takes you to Lyon in France, where Atlas Copco’s nitrogen solutions fire up BMI’s ovens. BMI Fours Industrial is a manufacturer of industrial ovens and furnaces.

Application fire prevention

Metal treatment process

Nøsted Kjetting a.s. is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of steel chains. The company’s TRYGG product line is renowned for high quality throughout Europe, North America and Australia. The company replaced its old nitrogen system by an Atlas Copco nitrogen generator.

Nitrogen plays a big role in various industrial applications. This e-book on nitrogen generation will help you understand the growing trend of on-site nitrogen generation and how this will benefit your business. 


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On-site nitrogen generation

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On-site nitrogen generation

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