Atlas Copco Vacuum Solutions

Atlas Copco Vacuum Solutions

Energy-efficient. Centralized. Intelligent.

Energy efficient vacuum solutions for industrial applications

Vacuum, the invisible force, is indispensable in industrial production facilities around the world. When an industrial application requires a clean environment or pressure below atmospheric levels, a steady supply of vacuum is needed. Our vacuum products are the starting point to providing a total vacuum solution for dedicated point-of-use machines and central vacuum systems.

At Atlas Copco, our business is propelled by the drive to make processes run more effectively by understanding the needs of the industries we serve. Our vacuum specialists are constantly improving the performance of our products, targeting new application areas and meeting new challenges. Our broad product portfolio and application expertise mean the right vacuum solution for your application, configured to your specific needs and bringing you predictable performance you can rely on.

Vacuum solutions for every application

From food packaging, electronics, glass bottle and can production, paper printing, toothpaste degassing, automotive parts handling, pharmaceuticals conveying, plastic extrusion, woodworking, brick and clay manufacture, to almost all general manufacturing, utility vacuum is used across industries in multiple applications. As the leading innovator in the industrial vacuum market, we have continued focus on energy efficiency that translates into savings for our customers. Whatever the application, we provide the apt vacuum solution.

Choose the Blue-ribbon vacuum solution

How Does a Vacuum Pump Work?

Our vacuum pumps combine intelligence, innovation and world-class craftsmanship. Built to exacting standards at our global production facilities - here's a look at what's inside the box.

LRP VSD⁺: Working Principle

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump: How it Works

DZM VSD⁺: How It Works

DZM Dry-Claw Vacuum Pump: How It Works

GHS VSD⁺: How It Works

GHS VSD⁺ Vacuum Pumps : How It Works

DZS with Modular & Simple Design

DZS Dry Claw Vacuum Pump With Modular & Simple Design


Customer Testimonials

Mr.Flavio, La Molisana Plant Director
Mr. Flavio Ferro , La Molisana Plant Director

"The guaranteed quality that Atlas Copco offers is very important to us"

Image of Tjitze van der Land, Head of Maintenance, Essentra Extrusion
Tjitze van der Land , Essentra Extrusion, Head of Maintenance

"Choosing this new GHS pump was very easy: it really is silent. It’s a whisper pump!"

Image of  Arnaud Burtin, maintenance manager of Valentin Traiteur
Arnaud Burtin , Maintenance Manager Valentin Traiteur

"In the food business, safety and reliability are paramount. That is why we chose an Atlas Copco vacuum pump."

La Molisana & Pasta Production

La Molisana Shares Their Experience of Atlas Copco's Vacuum Pump

When you think of Italy the first thing that comes to mind is pasta. And when Italians think of pasta the name La Molisana is on top of mind. La Molisana was founded in 1912 in Campobasso. Let's hear what they have to say about Atlas Copco.

Vitra & Thermoforming Bathtubs

Vitra Saves A Whooping 89% Energy by using Atlas Copco's Vacuum Pump Solution!

Vitra shares its experience with Atlas Copco and reveals the energy saving secret.

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View more Customer Stories
View more Customer Stories
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Atlas Copco Vacuum Solutions

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