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Atlas Copco Vacuum Solutions for the Power Industry

With a comprehensive product range, Atlas Copco Vacuum is a trusted partner to the power industry.
Liquid ring pump
Atlas Copco acknowledges the uniqueness of each application. Within the power market, crucial elements like liquid carryover management, vacuum levels, and reliability profoundly impact your financial performance. This is why we've engineered top-tier vacuum pumps and systems, elevating efficiency and optimizing ROI. This dedication reflects our pledge to crafting innovative, cost-effective solutions that align with environmental standards.

At Atlas Copco, we're proud to provide reliable equipment for many challenging applications - including the power market. Benefits of working with Atlas Copco include:


  • More than a 150 years in business
  •  Extensive global service network
  •  Complete range of solutions and services

What should you look for in your vacuum solutions for the Power Market?

Climate-focused solutions

Sustainability is central to Atlas Copco. Every vacuum system we build is optimized to offer the best energy efficiency for your installation. With us, customers benefit from a vacuum system that consumes less energy to help them achieve their own sustainability goals.

Reliable service network

Our proactive maintenance programs and full after-market support allows you to keep your production up and running, no matter happens.

Low cost of ownership

Our vacuum pumps combine a made-to-last design with the lowest running cost, so, you benefit from a smooth production with a low energy bill.

Ready to learn more?

Atlas Copco has become accustomed to partnering up with our customers to work out the best possible solution for their specific needs. If you’re in the Power Market, we can help you with your complete installation: from design to aftersales service and maintenance.


We're looking forward to hearing about your next project.