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Atlas Copco provides industry-leading industrial vacuum pumps and vacuum pump accessories that will help you with any application.

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Why Atlas Copco Industrial Vacuum Pumps?
Our line of industrial vacuum pumps break the mold in more ways than one. Vacuum, the invisible force, is indispensable in industrial production facilities around the world. When an industrial application requires a clean environment or pressure below atmospheric levels, a steady supply of vacuum is needed.

At Atlas Copco, our business is propelled by the drive to make processes run more effectively by understanding the needs of the industries we serve. As the leading innovator in the industrial vacuum market, we have continued to focus on energy efficiency that translates into savings for our customers. Our products are the starting point for providing a total vacuum solution for dedicated point-of-use machines and central vacuum systems.

Common Applications Using Vacuum Pumps

From food packaging, electronics, glass bottle and can production, paper printing, automotive parts handling, pharmaceuticals conveying, plastic extrusion, woodworking, brick and clay manufacture, to almost all general manufacturing, utility vacuum is everywhere.

It's Not Alphabet Soup! Vacuum Pump Technologies Explained

We have a large portfolio of vacuum technologies for broad to niche applications.
Take a look at our ranges below:

    GHS VSD+. Range of intelligent, oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps with VSD technology. Pumping speed of 350-5374 m³/h and capable of achieving up to 50% energy savings. Integrated recovery system available as well, making it feasible to recover up to 75% of electrical energy as hot water!

    LRP VSD+ & AWS, AWD, and AWL Series. Liquid ring vacuum pumps with pumping speed of 700-1000 m³/h and ultimate pressure of 25 mbar(a) (LRP VSD+) or pumping speed of 200-37500 m³/h & ultimate pressure of 30 mbar(a) (AWS VSD+). Cast iron, stainless steel fitted, or stainless steel complete construction options.

    DHS VSD+. Dry screw vacuum pumps that are clean, clever, and compact! The first vacuum pump in the world to be certified as "Class 0." Pumping speed of 65-200 m³/h and ultimate pressure of 0.01 mbar(a).

    DZS VSD+. Dry claw pumps with pumping speed of 65 - 300 m³/h and ultimate pressure of 50 mbar(a) - 140 mbar(a). Robust and efficient, this range is ideal for handling contamination and rough environments.

    GVS VSD+. Oil-sealed rotary vane pumps with 10 available options! These operate with the proven rotary vane principle that makes these pump technologies a hallmark of exacting industries. Pumping speed of 16-700 m³/h
    and ultimate pressure: 0.5 mbar(a).

    DSS. Dry scroll vacuum pump with only one moving part and a no contact design. Ideal for the rough vacuum spectrum. Pumping speed of 65-100 m³/h and ultimate pressure of 0.3 mbar(a)

    DZM VSD+. Complete multi-claw vacuum pumping system in a box that is designed to meet larger process demands with a central vacuum system. Pumping speed of 600-1200 m³/h and ultimate pressure of 150 mbar(a).

Widmer Brothers Brewing Pioneers Industry's First Waterless Vacuum Pump

Atlas Copco's vacuum pump, the GHS VSD+, has allowed the brewery to cement its role as an innovator in the industry. Originally using a liquid ring vacuum pump to bottle their beer, Widmer Brothers quickly realized that the 5,000 gallons of water per year consumption wasn't sustainable. The solution? Collaborating with Atlas Copco and upgrading to the GHS VSD+ rotary screw vacuum pump.

Widmer Brothers Brewery has a long history of supporting clean water and investing in innovative ways to protect beer’s number one ingredient. We’re excited to partner with Atlas Copco to pioneer the first waterless vacuum pump in the craft beer industry, and it’s been great seeing how this innovation will lead to new energy and water-saving technologies to be shared with our peers.

Julia Person, Sustainability Manager

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