Oil Changes are a Drag.

Stop the toil with oil. The GHS VSD+ vacuum pump only requires one oil change a year!

Are You Still Changing Your Pump's Oil 8 Times a Year?
Stop - It's Time for Something New.

By replacing your vane vacuum pump with a GHS rotary screw vacuum pump, you will significantly reduce your service time, downtime, labor, and service parts. This is an investment in the environment – but more importantly, an investment in your bottom line. Other benefits of the GHS VSD+ include:

• Only one service change required a year due to the patented oil retention design.
• Designed with non-contact parts, which eliminates wear & increases reliability.
• Custom design and noise attenuating canopy reduces noise levels by a factor of two
• Variable Speed Drive and set point control deliver desired flow without excess demand, resulting in no wasted energy usage.

Want to Make the Switch? We'll Buy Your Old Pump!

Turn your old pump into something that helps you increase your efficiency while decreasing your costs! If you decide to move forward with our GHS VSD+, we'll even purchase* your old pump from you!

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*Please note: We buy your pump in the form of a trade-in discount when purchasing a new vacuum pump from Atlas Copco. Once validated, the old pump can be scrapped and the trade-in value applied to your new pump.