Contingency planning: prepare for an unexpected break down of your utilities

Be ready for the unexpected: make sure you have a contingency plan to limit the impact on your operations.

Business continuity

Risk management

Disaster recovery

Don't wait for an unexpected break down or emergency situation to harm your business. Contact us for a contingency plan and pro-actively safeguard your bottom line! Whether you need an emergency supply of compressed air, nitrogen, power, vacuum or dewatering, we can get your operations back to normal quickly!

Should your main compressed air supply go down, you want to be prepared!

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We can help you make sure ahead of time that you’re ready to respond promptly. We’ll work with you to develop and implement a contingency plan, determining the exact equipment and specification you’ll require on a moment’s notice.

With our assistance plan in place, in the event of a machine failure, your downtime will be minimized and operations will continue.

What is a utility contingency plan?

Compressed air system survey

Installation of total solution with compressor, generator, dryer and fuel tank

We start by establishing the current situation.

  • Your current compressed air demand: which flow and pressure do you need? What is the required air quality to protect your processes and quality of your end product? 
  • When a temporary solution is needed: How can we limit the impact on your operations? Which limitations should we consider when it comes to footprint, logistics, emissions, noise levels, available power sources... 

Sophisticated measurement techniques take the guess work out of selecting the correctly optimized combination of rental equipment and accessories for your tailormade contingency plan.

A three phase plan

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  • We then evaluate our fleet and prepare a phased plan depending on the number of rental units required for your site. 
  • We can draw from fleet on a local, national and even international basis, and will include estimated timing on delivery of all equipment. 
  • We’ll then advise the space requirements and recommend tap-in points to your system. 
  • Our extensive and specialised fleet has a wide range of diesel or electric driven compressors that allow us to cover a wide flow and pressure range. These are combined with high pressure boosters, dryers, filters and / or nitrogen generators for a total solution. In addition to compressed air solutions, we can also support with onsite power supply, vacuum, special gases like nitrogen, process pumps...

    More than equipment

    Atlas Copco Rental people - US

    As well as the logistics of delivering the correct equipment to site, we understand the importance of environmental and safety considerations. Part of the planning process is to consult with your safety and environmental people to ensure our temporary installation complies with your requirements. For example, the installation may require lighting & fencing.

    We care about the environment

    PTE 1500 Electric driven oil-free air compressors
    We continuously invest in optimizing our fleet with the latest technology like electric driven compressors, HVO, energy storage modules... When diesel driven equipment is required, we have high standards to minimize the impact. Depending on the number of units required, around the clock refueling and maintenance may be required and fuel or oil spills are a potential hazard. We minimize these risks by using internal spill containment on all compressors. Additionally, we can supply external fuel tanks to reduce the frequency of refueling.

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    Contingency planning: prepare for an unexpected break down of your utilities

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