Des décalamineurs - dérouilleurs conçus pour les environnements les plus difficiles

Ces outils sont parfaits pour enlever les résidus de soudure, la peinture et la rouille, et pour la découpe légère du béton. En savoir plus

Scaling and light chipping​

For lighter applications such as light concrete trimming and for removal of paint and rust​, providing dampened vibrations and low noise level for operator safety and comfort. A very ergonomic choice that comes with a clean-blow function to further protect the operator. For versatility, Atlas Copco​ scalers are highly efficient in removing welding slag, paint and rust from steel structures, along with a clean-blow function the RRC13B/N​ scalers guarantee a productive work day.

Light and medium chipping

For light to medium applications, perfectly suited for roughening operations. Atlas Copco scalers are well-designed low weight alternative with dampened vibrations and a spring retainer for operator safety. Good accesibility provides high productivity. You can also choose a scaler for a more heavy duty job, with is power and efficiecy. Guided and non-guided models provide customizability for any job while retaining the safety features such as the spring retainer and high energy efficiency.

Medium and heavy chipping

For medium to heavy applications such as hole making and demolition jobs. The scalers for medium and heavy chipping provide low weight, size efficient alternatives. Vibration dampened devices that are very powerful for their size provide elegant solutions for all applications. Get power and efficient scalers with compact designs for all heavy chipping applications.



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