MRTT-C Wrench

Modular, Ergonomic and Smart torque and angle manual wrench

The MRTT-C is a revolutionary way to think about a manual wrench. An advanced handle that can be connected to the standard smart-HEAD used for the STwrench to create a wrench that can be connected to the STa 6000 using a standard Atlas Copco cable. The MRTT-C connected to the STa 6000 can be used to detect the residual torque using the advanced Torque/Angle algorithm.


  • Fast test setup
  • Clear operator feedback
  • Error proofing
  • Avoid set-up calibration errors
  • One product for both quality and production application
  • Saving maintenance and service cost


  • Torque or Torque/Angle reading depending to the smartHEAD
  • Standard smartHEAD fast connection
  • Integrated memory chip for calibration data storage
  • Compact dimensions for difficult access joint
  • Vibrating handle
  • TAG recognition
  • Suitable for both quality and production applications

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  • QA Platform 4.0

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