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Tool location

Enable flexibility in your production with the ILT

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Operate in the correct station with all battery tools

With the Atlas Copco Wireless Tethering solution your battery tools will only operate in the correct station. This helps avoid reworking saving you time and money.

Today we see manufacturing industries with an increasing product mix. This requires more flexibility in your production. Battery tools are generally a good solution to give you this flexibility. A challenge with battery tools is that they are not physically coupled to a specific station and can move around in the plant. Operators can make mistakes and work on the wrong product in your line.

✔ How do you make sure your tool is only used within its permitted work area?

✔ How do you tie it to a specific work position in the right area?

✔ How do you prevent the operator from making an error?

We have developed a new tool location system answering to these challenges. It is called the ILT - Industrial location tethering

STB wireless tool, ILT

STB wireless tool: enabled

STB wireless tool, ILT

STB wireless tool: disabled

# Virtual Cable The ILT provides a virtual cable, equivalent of having a cable tool physically tied to the controller, but wireless.

# Tool Orientation Detection Make sure that the correct bolt is tightened using the orientation detection functionality.

# Error Proofing The correct tightening program will automatically be selected based on the tool’s position or orientation.

# Easy Configuration The ILT is a standalone location solution, simple to install directly at your workstations and production.

# Installed Base The ILT is compatible with the PF6000, as well as the PF4000. You can control where your manufacturing tools operate right now!

Flexibility in production with tool location by Atlas Copco's ILT - Industrial Location Tethering

Atlas Copco's new standalone tool location system enables flexibility in your production. With our ILT – Industrial Location Tethering your battery tools can only operate in the right area and/or in the specific position thanks to orientation detection.